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Please note - this is a work in progress and is going to take quite some time to get everything pulled together into one place so please bear with us.  Clubs and NGBs will be added bit by bit so if your club or NGB is not on here yet we hope it will be soon


Global VX is the international administrative body for the amazing sport of VX - the best sport you've never heard of!

VX is a young sport - it was only launched in 2006!  In its short life it has spread through schools in the UK and is now moving into colleges and universities.  There are clubs, leagues and tournaments organised by VX England

VX has also spread to other countries - we have a foothold in 26 countries, 16 of which have National Governing Bodies (NGBs). 

AS VX has spread there is now international competition - we have a VX World Cup every 4 years and a singles World Cup every year.  There is also a European Championships every two years and we have had our first Test Match Series, hosted by VX India.  VX Kenya and VX Uganda are very keen to be looking towards international competition and are looking forward to welcoming teams from abroad.





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