VX Scotland - What they say!

We did a training course for teachers in Aberdeen. Here is some of the feedback:

  • “Excellent. Very worthwhile”
  • “Innovative hands-on presentation”
  • “Lots of fun”
  • “Presenters made it easy to understand”
  • “Useful for all age groups”
  • “Full involvement of all participants”
  • “Lots of Potential”
  • “Additional core option”
  • “Opportunity to offer greater flexibility in the curriculum”
  • “Great for motivating girls”
  • “Excellent for integration of disaffected children”
  • “Plenty of practical ideas for many activities”


This one is from a school in England, not Scotland, but it gives you an idea of the quality of sessions:

<< I would like to wholeheartedly thank Paul and his colleagues for the VX taster session he led in Huntington School, York. I cannot remember seeing students enjoy a taster session as much as they did with Paul and his team. Every time I passed through the sports hall I saw students running around, working hard and HAVING FUN. We have already had an influx of students interested in taking up the sport, outside of school. I look forward to working more with this brilliant new sport and the dedicated individuals who are working so hard to develop it!

Shane Daniel Sports Co-ordinator, Huntington School, York. Dec 3rd 2015



This is some of the feedback from a Level 2 course we ran in Stewarton:

"very enjoyable and informative course. Well delievered with lots of participation"

"really professional, thorough and well runcourse. Thought the pace, timings of technique and practice were just right, particularly impressed by leader's manner and delivery. Think everyone had fun"

"excellent course good exercise, v funny and well presented. Can't wait to pass it on to children"

"delivered very well and very positive, everything was broken down well and explained well. Couldn’t fault it."

"course was very informative even for people who already play as I learned new things and was able to improve aspects of my play.

"super course. Very enjoyable. Will definitely be introducing this into my schools curriculum. I have learned a lot of skills and look forward to showing the kids. Well done"

"Had a great time"


See what a world champion thinks:

<< it was brilliant, fun to play and such a brilliant idea for inclusive, physical sport. Every school should play.>>

Rachael Mackenzie, World Thai-Boxing Champion, Sky Sports Athlete Mentor Oct 1st 2015



Other Comments

<<So a day after a VX competition remains the most painful and achey thing I've experienced post event (done 7 marathons as a marker for this).>>

Scott MacMichael FaceBook status, Sunday August 18th 2013


... could be the next big thing

Paul MacMichael, Clackmananshire

Scotland v Denmark

Scotland take on Denmark in the 2011 World Cup

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