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Welcome to the home of VX Uganda - the first VX NGB in Africa.

In 2012 Robert Bakaze contacted Global VX with a view to introducing the sport of VX to Uganda.

This resulted in a visit from the Commissioner of Global VX Mr Craig Buttery and Dr Paul Hildreth, one of the founding fathers of the sport. 

During their visit Craig and Paul held meetings, ran two coaching courses and ran the first African Nations V2 Championship which was won by Malingha Timothy.

Since then VX Uganda has come a long way:

  • Paul visited again with the England captain to run more coaching sessions and has visited again in 2019 and 2020.
  • A Uganda pairing of Businghe Didus and Hasindihe James visited the UK to play an international friendly against an England pairing and an England Youth pair.
  • James also visited with Kanyesegye Gerald (who was head coach of the national squad at the time) for a month of training and education.  During that time they attended an England session, club sessions and helped at conferences attended by Global VX
  • Malingha Timothy was the first Ugandan player to represent Uganda in the V2 World Cup - he competed in the UK in 2014, winning many friends and doing Uganda proud.
  • It wasn't until 2018 that Uganda had representation again - Hasindihe James and Businghe Didus competed in the V2 World Cup in Africa with James gaining a ranking of 4th and Didus 6th.
  • VX Uganda has had lots of media coverage - both TV and print media.
  • VX Uganda became the first VX NGB to gain state recognition and is very grateful to the National Council for Sports for its support as we grow  and develop this amazing sport.
  • VX Uganda is delighted to have had sponsorship to help with travel and training and is always keen to talk with potential sponsors.


VX Uganda is a very proactive NGB and is keen to become one of the leading VX NGBs in the global VX community.  We are very keen to talk to anyone who wishes to get involved in any way



Tim Hannah Tom

Malingha Timothy was invited to the Stillington VX Club to train and prepare for the V2 World Cup


James at England

Hasindihe James as a guest of the England VX Squad




When Paul and Tom were here we visited Bethany High School



Flag off ceremony

Sending Malingha Timothy off to the UK as Uganda's first representative at a V2 World Cup



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