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April 2020

Confirmation from Global VX.   The 2020 V2 World Cup in Hong Kong has been postponed, therefore Scotland will no longer be hosting the 2021 World Cup but will be hosting the 2022 World Cup. The whole schedule has been moved back 12 month due to the Covid-19 Pandemic

November 2019

Unfortunately, at the last minute, Jane was unable to attend the OSS Summit at Tynecastle so massive thanks to Paul Hildreth and Caroline Pritchard-Dale who represented us as the official, authorised and recognised NGB VX Scotland. They had a great time, met some fantastic people and made some great connections. This was a great step forward for us as we rebuild VX in Scotland ahead of the 2021 V2 World Cup which we are due to host.


October 2019

fantastic news - we have been invited to present VX at a major conference in November. This is great news ahead of us hosting the 2021 V2 World Cup! Watch this space ...


August 2019

we hear this was an amazing event. Apparently it was quite simply the best World Cup yet - and we are delighted that Scotland was represented. Despite carrying an ankle injury Iona gained a very creditable ranking of 12th in a large, highly talented field. We're very proud of her. She did Scotland proud. Massive congratulations Iona from all of us here at VX Scotland. You've put Scotland back on the VX map!


August 2019

we've just heard the news from the VX World Cup and would like to offer our congratulations to our friends in England who have retained the trophy at both youth and senior level. Scotland won the first two senior World Cups and we look forward to the day when we can field a team again and give England a run for their money. We know how hard England are working to set the standard and we are aware of how much we have our work cut out to get back to that level as we rebuild in Scotland.
We have also had confirmation that Iona's ankle is not quite fully recovered but she is going to compete anyway - way to go, Iona. We wish you all the best and will be rooting for you!

August 2019

We are delighted that Scotland will have involvement again in the World Cup. We are hoping that Iona will be fit again. She tells us that she has been undertaking some light training and the ankle is holding up at the moment so she is optimistic. We've also got our Chairman Jane Harvey as one of the Guests of Honour at the event.
We are just so pleased to be taking steps to putting Scotland back on the VX map after so long and are now in positive discussions with a number of organisations about further growing the sport in Scotland again

August 2019

The World Cup is shaping up to be a great event. We are delighted that Scotland has an entry this year again and are desperately hoping that Iona is fully recovered.


July 2019

DISASTER!! As we approach the World Cup we have just heard from Iona that she has injured her ankle in a freak accident while out walking. She can't train at the moment but is desperate and determined to be fit enough to compete in the World Cup. We have everything crossed for her


June 2019

lots of interest in VX at the conference. We hope this helps us to fire up VX in Scotland again. Don't forget - we have the 2021 World Cup here and would love to have strong Scottish representation


June 2019

Looking forward to a big meeting with Global VX on Monday. From there, Global VX will be heading over to Stirling University for the conference on the Role of The role of sport and physical activity in Scotland. Hopefully be able to talk to lots of people about the benefits of VX and hopefully another step forward in revitalising VX in Scotland


May 2019

The World Cup is a major event and we are delighted that Scotland will be represented again this year as Iona competes in the seniors, but we would dearly love to see more Scottish players enjoying the competitive opportunities offered by the VX family. The standards are getting higher and higher, new techniques and tactics are being developed, and as the sport grows and develops, we feel Scotland should be taking a leading part in this.


March 2019

Good luck to Hannah today - she's going to be attending the England trials. Don't panic - she's not trying to get into the England squad! As the England Squad invited her and Iona to their sessions she simply fancied the chance to test herself. It's all good experience and we are delighted with what she brings back from the sessions. Commiserations to Iona who got injured while fell-walking recently and can't attend


February 2019

Big thank you to the England VX squad who will be welcoming two Scottish players, Iona and Hannah, to participate in their training session today. We love the sharing culture of VX and hope the two girls enjoy the session


November 2018

We now have our own Twitter account @VXNGB - or search VX Scotland NGB


November 2018

We are delighted to announce that VX Scotland will be hosting the 2021 V2 World Cup. Preparations are already under way


October 2018

we will at last have Scottish representation in the V2 World Cup again. Iona Freeborn will be representing Scotland in the 2019 V2 World Cup. We are delighted that Scotland will again be part of VX's premier event


June 2017

We had a very positive meeting with some people who have contacts in Scottish Councils. This was stage 1 of our regeneration of VX in Scotland.


This was followed by a visit from Global VX and more very positive meetings. Stage 2 of our regeneration of VX in Scotland. More to come in the near future. watch this space!

Scotland 2011 World Cup Team
Action from 2011 World Cup

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