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March 11th 2021 - World Cup Announcement

Global VX have been in discussions with both VX Hong Kong and VX Scotland regarding the postponed World Cup.
Those discussions resulted in the decision being made to postpone the World Cup again for a year. This means that there will be no World Cup this year and
2022 - Hong Kong V2 World Cup
2023 - Scotland V2 and VX World Cups.
The rationale for the further postponement was as follows:
VX Hong Kong felt that the timing is not yet right in Hong Kong due to the Covid pandemic and feel that a further postponement is prudent. Global VX are in total agreement as the situation is still very fluid. The UK has a 'roadmap' to return and has provisional stage dates. However moving to the next stage is dependent on certain criteria being met. As well as this the travel situation is still very uncertain and the Covid situation in Europe is still very severe.
VX Scotland feel that gyms and leisure centres will have been hit hard by Covid and might need to be changing their business model, therefore an extra year to prepare for the World Cup will be very helpful.
With the postponement Global VX had given a commitment to the youth players who had been due to compete in 2020 that they could still compete in the youth competition. This commitment will still stand - the upper age limit for the youth competition for 2021 will be age 20. In 2022 the age limit will revert to 17. We feel this is fair as Covid has meant there have not been the new players coming along, nor the competition to prepare for the World Cup so this should have minimal impact on new youth players. If any of those players who were due to have competed in the youth category prefer to compete in the senior tournament they will be welcome to do so (if there is space for them)
This has been a very difficult period for everyone and we thank you all for your continued support and involvement. Now let's set about rebuilding our sport!


January 5 2021

Just to confirm - as there has been no VX played for almost a year, this year's Rules Committee will not be sitting

Memberships - this is applicable to England.  In conjunction with VX England we had decided to trial a new system for memberships namely that every player in England will renew on Jan 1.  If a new player joins before June 30 (s)he will pay a full year and renew the followin Jan 1.  If someone joins after June 30 they will pay half a year and then renew the next Jan 1.  However as things are still locked down, memberships remain suspended for the moment.


June 14th 2020

VX Uganda have been working with their National Council for Sports with a view to resuming play.  VX has been classified as 'Medium Risk' by the NCS and VX Uganda have developed a set of operating procedures for their players and clubs.  This could be made available to other NGBs if required.  Well done, VX Uganda


June 11th 2020

VX memberships

Some memberships are now due for renewal, however in light of the current Covid-19 situation these renewals will be suspended until VX starts again.  For those members whose memberships are not currently due for renewal they will have their memberships extended by 3 months. 

We look forward to seeing you all again when we can start playing again



June 1 2020

We are delighted to see VX clubs starting to train again in Hong Kong and hope that other clubs will soon be able to follow suit


May 18 2020

We are delighted to announce a new VX Club in Uganda - the Canaanites, based in Lugazi


April 6th 2020

We are sure you will have been expecting this but we wanted to have everything in place before we made the announcement. We have been working with VX Hong Kong and VX Scotland to make a decision regarding the 2020 V2 World Cup in light of the current uncertainty.
It has been decided that the whole World Cup series will be moved back 12 months, ie there will be no 2020 World Cup but the 2021 V2 World Cup will be held in Hong Kong and Scotland will now host in 2022.
Please note that as a one-off, the age limit for the Youth World Cup will be raised to 19 for 2021. This is to accommodate those youth players who had committed to playing in the 2020 World Cup and who were at the top of their age group.
in 2021 priority will be given to those players who had already committed for 2020.
VX Hong Kong are currently working to try and confirm the date and venue for 2021 and as soon as we have that confirmation we will make the announcement.
Thank you to VX Hong Kong and VX Scotland for their help with this.
we hope you are all safe and well and we look forward to VX being back with a bang once things are back to normal

April 3 2020

Just to confirm that the VX European Championships will NOT take place this year, due to the uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic. We will immediately start planning for the next European Championships in 2022











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