Events and Tournaments

Currently our regular matches are generally friendlies and not part of a formal tournament.  We will post information on here about tournaments and events when we reach that stage.

In Feb 2020 we hosted our first formal tournament - our first 'Basque Tournament of VX'

We are, however, delighted and proud to have been able to host the 2016 and 2018 VX European Championships



Feb 2020 - the first Basque Tournament of VX

1-Basurdeak 21-19 Arranoak

2-Bizkaitarrak 49-29 Arranoak

3-Bizkaitarrak 48-30 Basurdeak







Congratulations to Bizkaitarrak, the first winner of the Basque Tournament of VX. Our idea is to organize every year in the beginning of the year the Basque Tournament of VX with 2-4 teams.



2018 trophies

Oct 2018 VX European Championships

We were delighted that the VX European Championships came back to Bilbao and again it was England that dominated winning the title comfortably and with English players winning the singles titles in all three age groups

Youth: Oliver Stocks

Senior: Carl Alsop

Masters: Leigh Branton


you can, however, be very proud of the Basque players who fought very hard.  We hope to see Basque players at the 2019 World Cup in the UK!



2016 Teams

Oct 2016  VX European Championships

We were proud and delighted to host the first VX European Championships and welcome teams from Italy and England.

VX Basque Country hosted the first VX European Championships in Bilbao on Saturday Oct 8 and Sunday Oct 9.

Champions: England

2: Italy B

3: Italy A

4: Basque Country


Congratulations to our Martel Martinez who was presented with the Cornerstones Award

Game 1- England 259:137 Italy 'A'

Game 2- Basque Country 85:187 Italy 'B'

Game 3- England 309:175 Italy 'B'

Game 4- England 199:72 Basque Country

Game 5- Italy 'A' 155:76 Basque Country

Game 6- Italy 'A' 193:197 Italy 'B'


In the V2 Tournament we had three players competing.

Martel Martinez got a ranking of 12th

Daniel Santos got a ranking of 10th

Egoitz Campo Gonzalez got a ranking of 8th.

European Champion is Tom Hildreth of England


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