VX Scotland - Opportunities

We need people to get involved - there are several ways:

  • We need people to set up more clubs. Setting up a club is easy and we can help. You only need three people, basic equipment and access to a squash court.
  • We need more coaches.
  • We need more affiliated players in Scotland.
  • And we need reliable people to work with the NGB.


Do you want to play sport internationally?  Do you want to coach internationally?

If you want to play and want to enjoy the opportunities represented by participation in a new and exciting sport please get in touch.  As the sport gets bigger and continues to grow internationally there are more opportunities for international competition, or simply to be part of something major:

  • Recently Uganda travelled to the North of England to play friendly internationals against England. VXUK would have loved to be able to invite Scotland to participate, too.
  • Italy has recently launched its NGB and is already vying with the Basque Country NGB to host European Championships
  • England have travelled to Spain, India and India to compete as a team and are now planning to travel to Uganda and Kenya


VX England have an excellent, structured and professionally run National Programme with squads at Junior, Youth, Senior and Masters levels.  This demonstrates the growth of the sport and how the demographics are extending.   As the VX is a sharing family, the England coaching staff have already said they would be willing to invite affiliated Scottish players to train with the England squad as Scotland currently has no national programme.  One of our players regularly attends the England sessions as a guest.

There are clearly many and increasing opportunities for international participation or simply to get involved in the growth of an exciting new sport. If this interests you, please get in touch with the head of Global VX, Dr Paul M Hildreth: pmh@globalvx.org


Scotland used to be central to VX and we are keen to talk with people who want to make their mark and who will work WITH us to re-establish Scotland in its rightful place at the heart of the VX community.










Davie Straiton

Scotland Coach Davie Straiton watches as his Scotland side play friendlies against England Club sides (in the days when we had a national programme)

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